Methalac Announces the Acceleration of its International Development

By | 2023-07-26

Methalac capitalizes on more than 10 years of expertise in the design, installation and services regarding anaerobic digestion plants for the production of biogas from agricultural and agro-industrial residues. Very early on, Methalac’s skills were recognized by its European neighbors, thus initiating its development beyond borders.

Driven by a booming market in North America, Methalac created its subsidiary in the United States in the spring of 2022 and opened its representative office in Canada.

Since the beginning of 2023, Methalac Biogas Inc. hosts its first business developer in the United States, Junius Perluss, holder of dual French-American nationality. His family is on the West Coast and he spent several summers in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has settled in the premises of Methalac in Chicago with the mission of building and nurturing first biogas partnerships in the United States.

The focus is on innovation around anaerobic digestion in the North American territory. Methalac’s engineering team has developed and perfected new technologies and solutions to improve the performance and efficiency of biogas production over the past decade. Its early successes in terms of co-digestion and its 60 biogas plants in operation in Europe confirm a strong expertise. Méthalac’s team of experts has a lot to offer and is aware of the demand to be filled in the American market with a potential of 8,600 agricultural units to be built (471 units currently in operation) and more than 2,000 installations capable of treating organic waste and food residues (currently 90 have been carried out).

Alongside the Director and Founder of Methalac, Laurent Pauchard, his Sales Director and his Export Director who had traveled from France, Junius Perluss represented Methalac at the last edition of the Biogas Americas Trade Show May 16-18, 2023 in Chicago, as a member of the American Biogas Council. An opportunity to identify business partners and understand the technical and financial steps of project developers with the aim of building their first biogas plants together in the Mid West. Next, meet Methalac’s team at the RNG Works in Nashville, Tennessee, organized by the RNG Coalition, of which Methalac is also a proud member, that will be held from September 12 to 14, 2023.

Furthermore, during the last GNR Forum in Drummondville organized by Biogasworld on April 3-5, 2023 in Quebec, Valentin GIRERD also joined the international development team of Methalac. After a training period at the head office in France, he moved to Methalac’s premises in Montreal.

With a degree in management and a Master’s degree in banking finance from IAE Lyon, he relies on his passion for international business and his skills in management and business development to export Methalac’s know-how to Canada with the mission to become a renowned local player, particularly in Ontario and Quebec.

In 2022, 279 biogas plants were in operation in Canada. According to the Canadian Biogas Association, Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) could reduce methane emissions in the country by 16.5% by 2030. Measures and initiatives are being put in place at federal and provincial levels to promote organic waste anaerobic digestion. Particularly in Quebec, with the objective of injecting at least 10% of Gas from Renewable Sources (GSR) into its natural gas network by 2030.

Focusing on the European territory, since the last edition of the Renewable Gas Fair held in Valladolid on October 3-4, 2022, Methalac is developing its business in Spain.

This development was recently marked by the arrival of Ines Hédan within the international team of Methalac. Ines holds a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, as well as a Master’s degree in Economic Development Strategy and Territorial Development from the Normandy School of Management. She specialized in the development of renewable energies. Ines got involved with a microfinance NGO in Mexico before settling in Madrid, dedicating herself to the development of Methalac in Spain.

The objective is to contribute to the energy transition of Spain and to help the country to meet its challenges of energy sovereignty by sharing Methalac’s expertise regarding the production of biogas on the same successful model that worked in France over the past 10 years.

The Spanish government’s biogas new incentives aim to multiply its production by 3.8 by 2030 and exceed 10.4 TWh (today, biogas represents 0.8% of the energy mix, the objective is to reach 10% in 2030), with 150 million euros in subsidies allowance.

On January 19th 2023, France and Spain signed a treaty of friendship and cooperation, and France will be the guest country of honor at the Renewable Gas Fair in Valladolid this year, 3rd -4th October 2023, where Methalac will once again be present as exhibitor.


Methalac is an autonomous decentralized family type business specializing in the design, construction, maintenance, as well as biological and mechanical monitoring services for agricultural and agro-industrial biogas production plants. With 10 years of experience, Methalac covers the entire value chain for the production of biogas. With more than 60 running units, the company specializes in on-farm biogas plants to turn agricultural materials and food waste to green energy. The Group currently employs 50 people.

Methalac concentrates its expertise to offer turnkey solutions for anaerobic digestion, a natural process for organic matter degradation by the action of micro-organisms to produce biogas and digestate.

The design and technologies implemented by Methalac have numerous economic and ecological advantages: the production of renewable energies in the form of electricity, heat or biomethane directly injected into the public network or upgraded to fuel the transport sector. In addition, the agronomic interests of the production of digestate, a natural fertilizer, considerably reduce the use of chemical fertilizers.

The Group has leveled itself as a leader in the biogas industry with strong growth and 12 new units built per year throughout Europe and abroad, particularly driven by the establishment of its subsidiary in the United States, its representative office in Montreal, its team in Madrid and its recent integration into the multinational VINCI ENERGIES Group.