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For more than 40 years, Paques has been the world’s leading company in the field of development and construction of cost-effective purification systems for water, wastewater and gases, based on innovative biotechnology. With over 3,000 reference installations worldwide, Paques has helped companies and municipalities succeed at to one of the major challenges of today: to reduce their water and carbon footprints and reclaim valuable resources.

The biogas produced by wastewater treatment plants can be used as green energy in boilers or gas engines. Beyond our headquarters in The Netherlands, Paques has subsidiaries and/or production locations in Russia, China, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, the United States and Canada. In many other countries, Paques is represented by licensed partners. This ensures our local presence and the best service for our clients worldwide.

Paques is owned by SKion Water Group, which has companies dedicated to water and wastewater treatment, global presence and numerous innovative technologies.



Paques Technologies

Anaerobic industrial effluent treatment
By anaerobic effluent treatment almost every industry can decrease (production) costs and meet tighter discharge limits. Paques BIOPAQ® range offers a broad range of anaerobic technologies whereby bacteria convert organic compounds (COD) to biogas in an environment with or without oxygen (aerobic vs. anaerobic).

  • BIOPAQ®AFR: Innovative technology for anaerobic COD removal including fats and proteins in one reactor.
  • BIOPAQ®IC: Clever Internal Circulation system for anaerobic COD removal from wastewater and biogas production.
  • BIOPAQ®ICX: Flexible anaerobic effluent treatment based on BIOPAQ®IC technology and implementable in existing assets.
  • BIOPAQ®UASB: Traditional wastewater treatment, anaerobic COD removal and biogas production.
  • BIOPAQ®UASBplus: Closed system for anaerobic COD removal of high loaded wastewaters and optimum biogas production.

Biogas desulfurization
Paques introduced the THIOPAQ® desulfurization technology to facilitate the use of biogas as a green energy source. Over 280 plants prove the success of combining low total cost of ownership and high uptime. Deep hydrogen sulfide removal from biogas at high uptime enables industries to meet stringent gas quality requirements. Removal of H2S is required for reasons of health, safety, environment, and corrosion of equipment. The elemental sulfur, produced by the THIOPAQ®, can be used as high quality fertilizer.

Sustainable nitrogen removal
The ANAMMOX process is a very cost-effective and sustainable way of removing ammonium from effluents and ammonia from waste gas. Compared to conventional nitrification/ denitrification saving on operational costs can reach up to 60%, while CO2 emission is reduced.

Sustainable phosphorus recovery
The PHOSPAQ™ process is the cost-effective and sustainable solution for removing and recovering phosphorus from industrial effluents and municipal sludge reject liquors.

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