“Let’s embrace the challenges for a better future”

– Founder Jos H. J. Pâques –

In a fast changing world, humanity is confronted with challenges like global warming, depletion of valuable resources and, most threatening, water scarcity. Water is a bare necessity of life and essential in the production of food, goods and energy for social-economic development and for maintaining healthy ecosystems.

Even though 70% of the earth’s surface consists of water, only 1% of this immense quantity is fresh water and available for human consumption and use. A growing world population, the changing climate and the demands for a higher standards of living only intensify the pressure on already scarce resources.  Therefore, integration of water purification, sustainable energy generation and reuse of resources is becoming more and more essential in production processes.


Ideas and Solutions

Since over 30 years, Paques helps industries to reduce water and carbon footprints and reclaim valuable resources. Paques’ anaerobic water purification systems produce energy (biogas) from wastewater, whilst purifying the water and facilitating water reuse.

After the introduction of the first BIOPAQ® reactor in 1981 Paques developed a broad portfolio for integrated water and gas treatment in close cooperation with partners. All the solutions proved to be cost-effective and highly reliable.

Leading companies from a variety of industries worldwide selected Paques as their partner for meeting their purification and sustainability obligations. Paques accomplished long-term relationships with customers by working together in the development of solutions and delivery of high-quality installations.


Proven quality

In more than three decades, Dutch second-generation family owned business Paques became one of the leading players in water and gas treatment and currently Paques has offices and/or production facilities in the Netherlands, China, Brazil, United States of America and India and a network of professional partners worldwide.


Integrated solutions

With a large number of installed references (over 1800 in more than 60 countries), Paques proved to be a reliable partner in business. Solutions for water and gas treatment require an integrated approach. Paques’ strength lies in devising solutions that meet even the most far-reaching requirements of customers.


Continuous innovation

Paques has a high focus on innovation, and continuously develops new treatment systems for new challenges.

Over the past decades, the company has converted many innovative ideas into successful solutions for clients. With dedicated R&D centers in the Netherlands and China, Paques remains a leading company in the field of the development of water and gas treatment. The combination of knowhow, experience, decisiveness and our multidisciplinary approach, guarantees an accelerated implementation.

Technologies for your challenges

Paques is world market leader in anaerobic wastewater treatment. Understanding the complex connection between water and energy is in our DNA. Paques developed several innovative technologies for producing renewable biogas from wastewater and for cleaning (bio)gas.

To facilitate the use of biogas as a green energy source, we introduced the THIOPAQ® desulphurisation technology. Over 100 plants prove the success of combining low total cost of ownership and high uptime.

For the recovery of base elements, Paques developed a number of technologies. The expertise in this field is rooted in several decades of innovation in wastewater treatment. Recover natural resources was a logical next step in the development of the Paques’ technologies.

For the future, Paques expects the bioreactors to evolve from purification reactors to production reactors from high added value products and intermediates like biopolymers and building blocks. The production of a biodegradable plastic from wastewater is an alternative for conventional plastics produced from fossil fuels. Paques started several pilot projects in the field of the biobased economy.


Anaerobic industrial effluent treatment

By anaerobic effluent treatment almost every industry can decrease (production) costs and meet tighter discharge limits. The BIOPAQ®IC (Internal Circulation) is the number one proven technology, worldwide recognised as the most efficient way to clean industrial wastewater and produce biogas at the same time.


Biogas desulphurisation

Deep hydrogen sulphide removal from biogas at high uptime enables industries to meet stringent gas quality requirements. Removal of H2 S is required for reasons of health, safety, environment and corrosion of equipment. The elemental sulphur, produced by the THIOPAQ®, can be used as high quality fertiliser.


Sustainable nitrogen removal

The ANAMMOX® process is a very cost-effective and sustainable way of removing ammonium from effluents and ammonia from waste gas. Compared to conventional nitrification/ denitrification saving on operational costs can reach up to 60%, while CO2 emission is reduced.


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