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PHOSPAQ™: Sustainable phosphorus recovery

The PHOSPAQ™ process is applied to recover phosphate from effluents as struvite. Phosphate is becoming scarce, thus making recovery more and more interesting. PHOSPAQ™ is a cost-effective technology compared to e.g. dosing of iron salts. Moreover, the produced struvite is an excellent slow-release fertilizer for N, P and Mg.

The PHOSPAQ™ process removes biological degradable COD, phosphate (PO43-) and ammonium (NH4+) from wastewater. With oxygen, the COD is biologically converted into new biomass and CO2. By adding magnesium oxide (MgO), phosphate and ammonium precipitate as struvite (MgNH4PO4.6H20 or MAP). The struvite granules are being removed from the water phase and are ready for agricultural use (fertilizer). The struvite complies with EU standards for fertilizer.



  • Struvite is a valuable fertilizer
  • Struvite up to 70-95% dry solids
  • Simultaneous P recovery and BOD removal
  • Simple tank geometry
  • Only dosing of magnesium oxide
  • Caustic soda dosing not required
  • > 17 PHOSPAQ™ references
  • Proven and stable process
  • Full scale experience since 2006.

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PHOSPAQTM – The Netherlands – Food
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