Channel Islands Dairy receives biogas desulfurization by Paques

By | 2021-06-17

One of the most recent THIOPAQ® scrubber start-ups in North America was at the Channel Islands dairy in California.  It is sized for a maximum biogas flow of 640 scfm and maximum hydrogen sulfide load of approx. 300 lbs/d.

Within a few days after start-up, the system treated all biogas and removed H2S to < 50 ppm in the treated biogas.

The THIOPAQ® scrubber was selected for this RNG project for its low operating costs, high uptime and excellent track record. The O&M costs of the system are as were projected in the proposal stage. The owner is very happy with its performance.

The THIOPAQ® scrubber is a chemical biogas desulfurization system with an integrated biological regeneration of caustic, resulting in a high hydrogen sulfide removal efficiency (typically > 99%) at a low operating cost. Developed by PAQUES, this technology, of which > 275 units have been installed worldwide, enables users to consistently meet stringent gas quality requirements as well as the option to recover biosulfur.


Since over 30 years, Paques helps industries to reduce water and carbon footprints and reclaim valuable resources. Paques’ anaerobic water purification systems produce energy (biogas) from wastewater, whilst purifying the water and facilitating water reuse. Leading companies from a variety of industries worldwide selected Paques as their partner for meeting their purification and sustainability obligations.