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Enviro Series – Vertical Processors: Turning Waste Into Profit

Cut and Process Your Most Difficult materials all in One Machine

Other composting methods might require different machines for grinding, mixing and opening bags. This is expensive and unefficient!

The Supreme Enviro processor does all that in one efficient process. The patented auger design provides unbelievable performance, saving time and money for the facility.
Supreme Enviro series mixers are used to process a large range of materials such as vegetable/food waste, woodwaste, biosolids and mortalities in a variety of applications.


A model for every size of operation

From our sigle auger mixers that range in size from 8,5 m³ (300 cu.ft) to 19,9 m³ (700 cu.ft), to the most aggressive twin auger mixers that range from 17,0 m³ (600 cu.ft) to 45,3 m³ (1600 cu.ft), and a triple auger machine with a capacity of 53 m³ (1877 cu.ft), Supreme manufactures a model for every size and type of operation.

Supreme processors are available in Pull type, stationary and the more mobile truck mounted units. All are manufactured utilizing Supreme’s patented auger design and only the highest quality components in the industry.



Achieve a higher quality mix and a more consistent product

With a Supreme Enviro processor, the operator will have the ability to cut and blend various waste materials such as green waste, vegetable waste, biodolids, mortalities, and wood waste in any combination. The result will be a thorough and accurate miture with a consistent and even distribution of moisture and porous materials throughout the entire mix. All of this results in a quicker composting and a more consistent product.


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