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NH3 Separation

Ammongas offers NH3-separation as stripper-condenser solutions, as well as stripper-absorption. When removing ammonia from gasses, Ammongas can deliver units which can handle different media temperatures, and pressure or vacuum.

By ammonia removal from liquids the stripper process is completed by steam, and the ammonia is delivered as ammonium sulphate or as concentrated ammonia water.

Both types of separation are well tested, and found to be durable and efficient systems, which ensure a high up-time. The separation plants can be fitted with heat recuperation, so that part of the heat used for the stripper-process can be used elsewhere. To secure a long life cycle for the separation plant, Ammongas used quality material. Ammongas has delivered ammonia separation plants in Russia, Poland, and Denmark, and has experience in design and assembly of the plants.

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