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For Full-Nutrient Recovery

Full-nutrient recovery system by Dorset is a complete and economic solution for processing liquid slurry such as cattle, pig or from biogas plants, in 4 steps. The system is modular based for lower investment costs.

Dorset - ARNOLD VACUUM EVAPORATOR - Full recovery system

Key Features

  • No loss of valuables: In contrast to composting or other processing methods the valuable nutrients remain in the end product.
  • Clean water: The water extracted from the manure is sufficiently clean for use or discharge: < 5 mg NH4/kg.
  • Non-biological steps: The system does not rely on any biological process and is therefore consistent and reliable.

Dorset - Full recovery system - Inputs and outputs

Full Nutrient Recovery System compared to alternative solutions

The full-nutrient recovery system by Dorset differs from other solutions such as water treatment plant and RO/RF membranes. See the tables for more info:

Dorset - Full nutrient recovery systems - Comparison

4 Steps to Full-Nutrient Recovery

Dorset - Full-Nutrient Recovery System - Separator

The separator can be any choice of system. Further advantage is that flocculants are not required. The solids go to the drier, the liquid to the vacuum evaporator. The vacuum evaporator allows up to 5% of dry matter, but for an efficient process 2,0 – 3,5% of dry matter is preferred. Maker: Customer choice

Dorset - Full-nutrient recovery system - Vacuum evaporator

The Arnold Evaporator separates clean water from the liquid at very low energy input. It is designed for processing liquid fraction with low dry matter content. The end products are clean water and thick fraction.

The special design of the heat exchanger prevents clogging and allows easy operation. Vacuum evaporation is the excellent way to produce recycling water to lower the level of ammonia when producing biogas from poultry manure.

Benefits include: no loss of nutrient, no emissions and very low energy consumption.


Dorset - Full-Nutrient Recovery System - Drying Systems

Dorset offers several different types of dryers. The choice depends on the desired capacity and the material that needs to be dried. Dorset plate belt dryers are used worldwide for processing biomass for more then 15 years. The solids from separation and the concentrate from evaporation can be dried separately or together.

Benefits include: Low energy consumption, highly compact and flexible, requires little maintenance and more.

Dorset - Full-Nutrient recovery System - Pelleting

Dorset can deliver an all-round installation for pellet production, which includes pelletization, hygienization, weighing and packaging. Pelletization of materials is used for producing a marketable and visually attractive organic fertilizer (or another product). Hygienization is frequently required for export. Pelleting and sanitation in one plug and play package!  The pelletizing unit can be completely customized, or one can use one of our standard pellet production units, the Dorset ‘Korrelfabriek’ (Pellet Factory).

Benefits include: reduction in volume, visually more attractive, transport-ready product and more.

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