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SUEZ’s Jenbacher Gas Engines

SUEZ’s gas engines are available in the 0.3-9.5MW electrical output range for an individual unit. Jenbacher gas engines are renowned for robust performance in challenging conditions and difficult fuel gases. SUEZ’s Jenbacher gas engines are manufactured in the town of Jenbach, Austria in the Tyrol. The Jenbacher gas engine is designed from to run solely on different types of gas, and for different types of applications. Jenbacher has led the way in gas engine innovation over the last 50 years with developments including:

  • The LEANOX control philosophy
  • The world’s first 20 cylinder gas engine
  • The world’s first 24-cylinder gas engine
  • The world’s first twin-turbocharger gas engine
  • The high-efficiency 4-series concept

This focus on gaseous fuels leads to the highest levels of generator efficiency and reliability on the market. The engine has been developed into variants which are suitable for a wide range of different applications includingnatural gas, biogas, coal seam gases and associated petroleum gas. Over five decades of experience in the gas engine business has resulted in thousands of GE’s Jenbacher engines being installed worldwide.


EXAMPLE Model : Jenbacher type 2

  • Power from 250 to 350 kW
  • 60 000 operating hours before first major overhaul

Suez - Jenbacher Gas Engines - Technical data and outputs and efficiencies

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