Product Description

ECOMAX®: Cogeneration plants for the energy valorization of biogas

The ECOMAX® Biogas line offers the agricultural and multi-utility world plants for the energy valorization of biogas, which combine high performance and reliability to give companies a competitive advantage.

A ECOMAX® Biogas plant consists of two parts: the anaerobic digestion part, where the actual production of biogas takes place, and the transformation of biogas into energy part, i.e. the cogeneration plant.

Digestors have a key role in the initial phase of the biogas production process, but the energy performance and the overall economic performance of the plant depend on the quality and the technological solutions which characterize the cogeneration unit.

Through biogas cogeneration, electricity and thermal energy are produced using agro-livestock or industrial waste, organic fractions of urban waste or wastewater. This makes cogeneration an income opportunity as well as a strategic choice for energy efficiency and eco-sustainability.

The AB lines dedicated to biogas are available in a modular range that encompasses both very small plants, such as ECOMAX® Linea Rossa, and small ones such as ECOMAX® Biogas, up to 1,500 kW with the ECOMAX NEXT® Biogas line.


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