Product Description

Gas Collection Covers

IEC designs, fabricates, and installs custom geomembrane covers for biogas collection and storage on tanks, ponds, and lagoons of all size and shape.

IEC’s Gas-Collection Covers are specifically designed for each client’s unique requirements. Each cover system is custom-designed with a gas-tight perimeter. Gases are continuously captured and channeled to perimeter piping beneath the cover, exiting the basin to be flared or used as fuel.

IEC’s has nearly 3 decades of experience in geomembrane cover design and installation, ensuring a successful project every time. Certified IEC technicians have installed more than 10 million square feet of covers in some of the harshest industrial, municipal, agricultural, and environmental site conditions.

Advantages and options:

  • Suited for any industry: municipal, industrial, and agricultural applications
  • Installed with little interruption to operations
  • Installed on tanks, ponds and lagoons of all sizes and shapes
  • Hatches and ports with multiple configurations are available for access to internal equipment
  • Pre-manufactured panels improve quality so less field welds are required
  • Low maintenance
  • Effective biogas collection for flaring or use (CHP, boiler, RNG)


Long lifespan

Designed to minimize inflation (ballooning) of the geomembrane, IEC’s floating gas-collection covers use lateral floats, keeping the entire cover floating on the liquid surface, eliminating cover inflation and exposure to wind damage from vibration and fatigue, extending their lifespan.

Rainwater collection and removal
IEC’s cover design includes rainwater trenches, created by strategically placing ballast weight of pre-determined size and weight in a configuration, allowing rainwater to migrate to a sump enclosure, where it is pumped off the cover or directed back into the basin.

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