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Covers and Flow & Control Valves

Westech is continuously developing supplier relationships and adding brands that we believe complement our current portfolio and benefit our customers in the biogas and wastewater industry.

Westech started off by making Flame arrestors in the 60’s and from there we added Varec Biogas flares, drip traps, PVRV’s and other biogas products to our offering. Fast forward a couple decades and here we are with over 30 trusted partners and brands that we work with, from Badger Meters, VEGA, Federal Signal, Mettler Toledo, Schneider Drives and much more.

We offer top of the line products in biogas covers, flow meters and control valves


Covers and Flow & Control Valve Brands:

  • Badger Meter Flow Meters – Available Canada Wide
    Westech has a brand-new partnership with Badger Meter. Badgers smart water solutions feature industry-leading technologies and one of the widest selections of metering products helping communities minimize waste of one of the world’s most precious resources.

    With more than a century of flow measurement expertise and a technology-rich portfolio Badger has a solution for basically every application worldwide. Metering technologies ranging from Turbine Meters, ultrasonic, Mag meters and more, Badger is a complete flow solution manufacturer. They even have a series of meters for Fire hydrants and fire suppression systems.

    Badger Flow Meters:

    • Turbine
    • Ultrasonic
    • DP
    • Electromagnetic
    • Coriolis
    • Vortex
    • Variable Area
    • Oval Gear

  • SICK Ltd Gas Flow Measurement – Available Eastern Canada
    When measuring gas flow, the FLOWSIC600 or the FLOWSIC600 Bio records all process steps from fermentation up to feeding into the natural gas network. For applications using raw biogas at a low pressure and flow, the FLOWSIC600 Bio can be used. For measuring gas flow at a high pressure and for feed-in, the FLOWSIC600 is used. Thanks to its high level of measurement accuracy of +/- 0.2%, the FLOWSIC600 is an officially certified measuring device for feed-in to the natural gas network.

  • Varec Biogas Varec Covers & Gas Control – Available Canada Wide
    Varec-Biogas offers the most complete line of Biogas Safety and Handling Products in the world. Traditionally used in municipal sewage treatments, their products have evolved and are now installed in landfills, breweries, dairies, and food processing plants, where anaerobic digestion is used for solid waste treatment.


    • Flame Traps
    • Gas Control Drip Traps
    • Gas Control Equipment (Manometers, Condensate & Sediment trap, Foam Separator, Condensate Accumulator)
    • Valves & Pressure Regulators (Back Pressure Regulator, Low Pressure Check Valve, Thermal Operated Shut Off Valve
    • Digester Cover Equipment – Valves (Relief Valves, SSV Safety Selector Valve)
    • Digester Cover Equipment – Covers

  • Westech Industrial Flame Arrester – Available Canada Wide
    Westech is a world leader in research, testing and manufacturing of In-line Deflagration and Detonation Flame Arresters.

    Our main product for the biogas industry is our Detonation Flame Arresters – series 59 FA. The Series 59 can be installed in the vertical or horizontal position. Bi-directional. Quenches deflagrations, stable and overdriven detonations regardless of piping configuration. Complete testing through the flame profile curve.


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