Product Description

Ingersoll Rand Screw Gas Ends for Biogas Applications

Ingersoll Rand has a wide experience in supplying gas ends specifically designed to meet the demands of the biogas industry.

Ingersoll Rand has designed and manufactured rotary screw compressors to address the rigorous requirements of the biogas sector. We have built a reputation as a manufacturer of choice and an industry leader. Our natural gas compressors are engineered with the latest rotary innovations, guaranteeing that they deliver optimal performance even in the most challenging environments.

Integrated into gas engines or motor driven compression packages, these machines can enhance production levels. Their design, which includes minimal moving parts, ensures sustained efficiency over the lifespan of these robust compressors. Our single-stage or two-stage rotary screw compressors are built without valves, rings, or packing that could deteriorate with time. Thanks to our advanced engineering, our compressors’ gas offers outstanding PSID levels, surpassing those of other high-pressure options available in the market.

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