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Ingersoll Rand is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of compressed gas systems. For over 100 years, Ingersoll Rand has designed and manufactured rotary screw compressors constructed to meet a wide variety of demands. We have built a reputation as a biogas manufacturer of choice and an industry leader.

The market for natural gas compressors is growing as agricultural operations and landfills seek environmentally friendly solutions for handling waste pollutants such as methane gas and carbon dioxide. Ingersoll Rand’s compressors offer reliable and safe solutions for converting methane and carbon dioxide into Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), serving as an alternative fuel and power source. Ingersoll Rand biogas compressors offer safe and reliable solutions that comply with regulations for renewable energy credits.

We offer expertise not only in the design and engineering of screw gas compressors, but also in delivering comprehensive project management support. Our project management team of expert engineers control the whole process, from the design through to assembly, commissioning and start-up; including technical & quality management. Our skilled engineers and project managers ensure the timely delivery of top-notch technical and quality documentation. We possess the know-how to guide our clients seamlessly through the entire process.


Products & Equipment

Ingersoll Rand’s gas compressors are an ideal solution for those seeking additional options for specific biogas project needs.

  • Screw Gas Compressors;
  • Gas-ends;
  • And more!



We are not a simple equipment supplier, we add value to your project:

  • Screw Gas Compressor System Supplier;
  • Total support throughout your project lifecycle.

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