Product Description

ADI70/115 Series

These gas compression stations are designed onto an easy-handling skid composed of a multi-stage reciprocating pump, belt driven by an electric motor inverter controlled.

  • ADI70: available operating pressures up to 1306 psi(g).
  • ADI115: available operating pressures up to 1306 psi(g).


How It Works

Single or double-acting horizontal reciprocating gas compressor. It is designed with one or two conrods and several sizes of cast iron cylinders to be adaptable to different solutions. It can be a single, double or three-stage unit, installed on an adequate steel structure. Complete with:

  • Suction valve
  • Crosshead
  • Inter-stage and final air-cooled fan-assisted after-cooler
  • Coalescent type oil filter
  • Shut-off valves at suction and discharge
  • Safety valves at each stage

All necessary instrumentation is included in accordance with manufacturer standards.

A proportional by-pass valve is used to recirculate the excess gas to reduce the flow rate from the value at minimum motor speed down to 0%.

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