Product Description

Process Systems: A variety of products for odour Control

Organics offers a variety of products for process systems, such as the following.



High-contact stripper/scrubber without column packing

The Organics stripper/scrubber unit, the Sy-Clone®, is designed for use in a chemical process environment to accomplish the following:

  • remove the requirement for packing and trays
  • reduce the need for internal cleaning by carrying formed solids out of the process vessel
  • reduce the plant height
  • improve efficiency

It achieves these objectives by creating a high-impact environment with maximised surface areas, thus facilitating high mass-transfer rates with reduced contact volumes. The technology has been widely demonstrated as viable, reliable and economic in terms of maintenance in many locations around the world.


Key features

  • high-impact contact between liquor and gases
  • high- mass transfer rates to footprint area ratios
  • leads to significant savings in maintenance
  • highly resistant to blocking


Odour Control

OdorgaardTM Passive removal of odours from low noxious gas flows:

  • Designed for use with wet gases
  • Removable filter-medium cartridge
  • Universal range of fittings
  • Filters to remove most odourous gases


Key features

The Organic’s OdorgaardTM is designed for the reduction and elimination of smells from vent points. The unit comes in two forms. The first is a simple flow-through vent whilst the second incorporates measures to condense out water prior to the gas flow entering the activated-carbon filter bed.

The OdorgaardTM is supplied loose with a range of optional fittings for different types of wellheads and vent pipes and will accommodate a range of flow rates and organic compound loadings.


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