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The processes of wastewater collection, treatment and disposal may have an unwelcome by-product: they tend to produce unpleasant and potentially hazardous odours. These odours are the results of factors such as retention time and temperature, sulphate and oxygen concentrations, concentration of organic material and turbulences, etc.

One of the most common odour substances is hydrogen sulphide (H2S), although many other chemical substances (like reduced sulphur substances, ammonia, volatile organic carbons) also play a part in producing odours. These odours must be tackled to keep the workplace safe and pleasant, while also avoiding complaints from the factory’s neighbours.

IH’s odour control equipment “Nemesis of Odours” was designed to treat odours by way of photoionization. What this means is that odour substances are being oxidized under radiation of UV-light in presence of catalysts. “Nemesis of Odours” equipment features very high levels of efficiency and reliability. Equipment is easy to operate and requires little to no maintenance. It’s equally fit to deal with high concentrated and low concentrated odours.


Applicable Industries

  • Municipal Wastewater treatment plants
  • Slaughter-houses
  • Fish processing companies
  • Meat processing companies
  • Fish farms
  • Food industry companies
  • Beverage manufacturing


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