Product Description

gAvilar OD-1: Gas odorisation system

The gAvilar OD-1 gas odorisation system offers reliable, safe and economical gas odorisation with all liquid odorants. The wall-mounted panel provides easy and comfortable operation and is virtually maintenance free.

Highly accurate odorant metering is ensured, thanks to the Williams or Prominent metering pump with adjustable stroke volume. This pneumatical pump requires only compressed air to operate. Natural gas at the required pressure can be used as well, if no compressed air is available.


  • Unsurpassed accuracy
  • Leak-free tank switching without interrupting the odorisation
  • Easy and comfortable operation due to wall-mounted design
  • Flow switch to monitor proper functioning
  • Suitable for ATEX zone 1
  • Low maintenance
  • High reliability
  • Other odorant system versions on request

The odorisation panel is equipped with two stainless steel hoses with leak-free quick-release couplings that fit directly on the couplings on the transport containers. Exchanging transport containers is easy, and can be done without interrupting the odorisation.

The odorisation panel is completely made of stainless steel and includes a 30-liter buffer tank, which will keep the odorisation going for weeks, even if the transport container is empty. The metering pump accurately injects a constant volume of odorant at every pump stroke, independent of the pressure in the gas pipeline. A flow switch monitors the odorant flow at every pump stroke, so proper functioning is always guaranteed.

A calibrated glass tube next to the buffer tank not only indicates the odorant level in the tank, but can also be used to check and calibrate the stroke volume of the metering pump.

A drip tray underneath the odorisation panel prevents floor and soil contamination in the unlikely event of a leak or during maintenance. A stainless steel spill containment basin for the transport containers can also be supplied on request.

The odorisation panel can be connected to the LA, GA and MA type transport containers from Wilhelm Schmidt, used by virtually all odorant suppliers. To this end, the odorisation system can optionally be supplied with its PLC control system.


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