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Biogas is produced by controlled degradation organic materials which can be contained in a sealed digester tank. Biogas is comprised of a complex mix of different gases, which usually includes methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2). In most plants the methane gas is either recovered as fuel or flared off as waste. In order to optimise plant productivity it’s important to ensure reliable and accurate measurement of these gases.

Westech Industrial only works with the best gas analyzers in the market and has a team of experts that can work with you to build customized Sample Conditioning Systems as well as custom structured packaging of our analyzers to meet the needs of the renewable energy industry.

Gas Analyzer Brands:

    • BARTEC – Available Canada Wide
      Biogas from digesters is normally collected from headspace above a liquid surface or very moist substrate, the gas is usually saturated with water stream. The amount of saturated water vapour in a gas depends on temperature and pressure. Biogas typically contains 10% water vapour by volume at 43°C, 5% by volume at 32°C, and 1% by volume at 4.5°C. The removal of water vapour (moisture) from biogas reduces corrosion that results when the H2S and CO2 have not been removed from the biogas because the H2S and CO2 and water vapour react to form different acids, which can result in a severe risk factor in equipment that comes into contact with the biogas.

      Bartec HYGROPHIL®-K 4326-31 is a combination of a high-quality capacitive humidity-sensor and the newest microprocessor technology. These are the guarantee for best accuracy, excellent long-term stability, small hysteresis and high resistance to pollutants. The HYGROPHIL®-K 4326-31 offers easy installation and on-site adjustment. These features guarantee a simple service and a high availability in any applications.



    • ENOTEC – Available Canada Wide
      Energy conservation not only makes a valuable contribution to protecting the environment but is also a cost factor. Particularly energy intensive processes in biogas and biomass boilers can be optimized through a comprehensive and continuous process analysis. With the help of combustion optimization, one is able to control the combustion process optimally and therefore the energy consumption can be permanently reduced.

      In order for combustion processes to run efficiently, the combustion process needs to be optimized appropriately. ENOTEC can provide you with this market leading flue gas and process analysis technology. Enotec analyzers are suitable for gas analysis in small to medium sized combustion boiler, measurement in large combustion chambers, or for continuous measurements in high temperature installations.

    • Envent Engineering – Available in Eastern Canada
      Based in Calgary, Alberta, and Canadian-owned, Envent was formed in 2003 to design and manufacture process analyzers to meet the needs of multiple processing industries. Envent currently produces analyzers critical to the Renewable Energy industry; these include H2S Analyzers, Total Sulfur Analyzers, Moisture Monitors, CO2 Analyzers, O2 Analyzers, CH4 analyzers, Optical Hydrocarbon Analyzers, and Gas Chromatographs. These measurements are crucial for ensuring the quality of renewable energy.

      From conception to completion, Envent provides vertically integrated turnkey measurement application solutions to the Oil, Gas, and Renewable Energy industries. Our industry experts boast 500+ years of combined field experience in the manufacturing, sales, and service of analytical instrumentation. Envent has dozens of analyzers on renewable energy applications from Coast to Coast in Canada, is the preferred vendor for H2S measurement on all pipelines in Western Canada. Globally Envent has 6,500 analyzers installed.

      • H2S Analyzers
      • Total Sulfur Analyzers
      • Moisture Monitors
      • CO2 Analyzers
      • O2 Analyzers
      • CH4 analyzers
      • Optical Hydrocarbon Analyzers
      • Gas Chromatographs

    • Gasera – Available Canada Wide
      Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions especially methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O) play a significant role in the global warming and climate change. Methane (CH4) has 25 times and nitrous oxide (N2O) 296 times higher GHG effects than that of carbon dioxide (CO2), which leads to the secondary atmospheric contamination. The global warming and climate change are continuing to be a threat to our planet.

      Gasera’s new portable product, GASERA ONE GHG greenhouse gas analyzer offers a selective, reliable and simultaneous analysis of methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O) greenhouse gas emissions with highly accurate low-ppb detection limits. It offers an affordable and easy-to-use tool for continuously monitoring the background levels of methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O). GASERA ONE greenhouse gas concentration analyzer can achieve below 10 ppb detection limit for CH4 and 2 ppb detection limit for N2O.


    • HOBRÉ Analyzer Solutions – Available Canada Wide
      The production of biogas from organic waste material has become important as a sustainable source of energy. Raw digester biogas typically has a high H2S and water content that must be removed before injection into the gas grid. Plus, various technologies like membrane separation, CO2 scrubbing, pressure swing absorption and cryogenic are used to upgrade the gas.

      For monitoring compliance with Rule 21 at the injection point of upgraded biogas into the gas grid the Gatekeeper analyzer system offers a cost-effective, high accuracy and low maintenance solution. The system includes a TDL-PA analyzer for measuring H2S, H2O and CO2 and a continuous WIM Compas analyzer for measuring CH4, H2, O2 and calculating N2. Besides these components, also Specific Gravity, Wobbe Index and Heating Value (BTU) are available as outputs. For on-line monitoring of siloxanes Hobré can offer separate a separate FTIR analyzer delivering specialized and total siloxanes.

      • TISOMIC (H2S, CO2and H2O)
      • Tisomic PA-TDL analyzer forH2S, H2O andCO2
      • WIM CompasforCH4 andN2 (and Wobbe Index, SG)
      • WIM Compas embedded micro GC forH2 andO2
      • Optional: Hobré FTIR siloxanes analyzer
      • Optional: raw biogas analysis (extra module)


    • SICK Ltd – Available in Eastern Canada
      SICK offers ideal automation and safety solutions for the collection, sorting and recycling of waste. Emissions are also subject to strict requirements. For instance, these include the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) 2010/75 / EU for waste incineration plants and the newly-revised BREF for waste incineration. Analyzer systems from SICK are used for incineration optimization, flue gas purification and the continuous monitoring of emissions, to name a few examples. SICK offers complete measurement technology and data evaluation from a single source.

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