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Environmental Services by Black & Veatch

Black & Veatch’s complete suite of environmental services help global clients manage capital and operation risk from ever-changing environmental regulatory and sustainability pressures. To the communities our clients serve, our solutions provide the peace of mind that comes with safe and clean air, soil and water.

As complex environmental regulations present some of the biggest challenges to project success and implementation of sustainable solutions, greater levels of innovation and collaboration are required to support the needs of an increasingly mobile, urban and affluent world. Whether it’s driving the decarbonization of industries and supply chains on a global scale, to alleviating flood risks, improving air quality and remediating hazardous waste, we deliver the outcomes you need.

With expertise across the power, oil & gas, water, telecommunications and government services, manufacturing & industrial, transportation and management consulting sectors, we can ensure better financial, climate and environmental benefits by delivering a tailored solution to meet your project needs.

We partner dedicated environmental consultants and scientists with industry-recognized engineering and construction teams. This collaboration enables better navigation of changing regulations and shifting stakeholder expectations while keeping your project, regardless of scale or location, on schedule. In addition, we help you realize the benefits of deploying reliable, sustainable technologies that enable better measurement and reporting through easy-to-implement digital asset management platforms

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