Product Description

BTP2 Biogas Plant

A compact biogas pilot plant with easy interchangeable sensor heads for multiple applications. It make your combustion process more cost-effective and get the data to show your organization cares about the environment.

The biogas pilot plant BTP2 is the base system for substrate testing and gas potential tests.

Furthermore, this system is ideally suited for product development (enzymes, nutrients) or for process optimization.

This system is characterized by an extensive basic equipment, e.g. SENSOcontrol or optional pumps for feeding or control of pH.


Biogas Pilot Plant BTP2



  • Glass reactor with different working volume
  • Continuous operation with AUTO feeding
  • Electrical heating
  • Two level stirrer with gastight shaft
  • Dosage pumps for pH-control
  • Gas bag to collect gas samples
  • Measurement equipment:
    • Gas quantity
    • pH/ Redox / temperature
  • SENSOcontrol with touch panel
  • Optional accessories listed


Available standard bioreactor sizes

  • Volume 5l – AD 2009250 mm/ gross volume 6,5 l
  • Volume 15l – AD 2709350 mm/ gross volume 17,44 l
  • Volume 30l – AD 3259450 mm/ gross volume 33,3 l
  • Volume 60l – AD 4209,5550 mm/ gross volume 69,8 l
  • Other sizes on request


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