Waga Energy and Casella Waste Systems, Inc.will produce Renewable Natural Gasat three landfills in the US

By | 2023-07-11

Waga Energy signed a commercial agreement with Casella Waste Systems, Inc. to build and operate three Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) production units at landfills in the United States. This new
contract, involving the initial deployment of approximately 1,300,000 MMBtu (380 GWh) of
production capacity, marks a major step in the development of RNG in the United States, supporting
the energy transition.

Waga Energy (EPA: WAGA), a global expert in the production of renewable natural gas (RNG) from
landfills, and Casella Waste Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: CWST), a regional solid waste, recycling and resource
management services company in the United States, announced the signing of a commercial
agreement on July 10, 2023 to develop RNG projects at three Casella landfills.

As part of the commercial agreement, Waga Energy will deploy the capital required to fully fund
construction of three RNG units, using its patented WAGABOX® technology, and will own and operate
them for 20 years. Casella and Waga Energy will share the revenue generated from the RNG units once
operational. Commercial operations are expected to start in approximately 24 months given the
timeline for permiting and construction.

The three WAGABOX® will initially produce approximately 1,300,000 MMBtu (380 GWh) of RNG per
year, and save 90,000 tons of eqCO2 emissions per the United States Environmental Protection Agency
(EPA)1. RNG, a key pilar for the energy transition, is a local, renewable and competitive energy that can
substitute fossil-based fuels in transportation, industry and heating.

The results of 15 years of development, the WAGABOX® technology maximizes the energy recovery
from landfill gas through the production of pipeline-quality RNG. It adapts to any variations in the
composition and flow rate of landfill gas, and can upgrade landfill gas with up to 30% nitrogen.
Seventeen WAGABOX® units are in operation in France, Canada and Spain, and fitieen more under
construction in the United States, France and Canada.
Casella, is amongst the Northeast’s largest recyclers and is an experienced fully integrated resource
management company, operating nine landfills in the northeastern United States.

John W. Casella, Chairman and CEO of Casella Waste Systems, Inc.: Working with Waga Energy is a
great opportunity for our company to further enhance our strategy around resource management and
sustainability. We have been impressed by Waga Energy’s innovation and technology platiorm and
believe that they are a strong partner to help develop RNG capacity at these three facilities.

Mathieu Lefebvre, Chairman and CEO of Waga Energy:It is an immense honor to partner with Casella,
a highly respected leader of the waste management industry in the United States. The months of work
carried out between our teams to develop these sites have allowed us to discover an organization with
a clear mission, rooted in the territories where Casella operates and commited to the preservation of
the common good. These shared values between our companies are an essential foundation for the
success of these circular economy projects and a lasting collaboration. This partnership is a major step
in the global deployment of the WAGABOX® solution, for the energy transition and the fight against
climate change.

About Casella Waste Systems, Inc.

Casella Waste Systems, Inc., headquartered in Rutland, Vermont, provides resource management expertise and services to residential, commercial, municipal, institutional and industrial customers, primarily in the areas of solid waste collection and disposal, transfer, recycling and organics services in the Eastern United States. For further information, investors contact Jason Mead, Senior Vice President of Finance and Treasurer at (802) 772-2293; media contact Jeff Weld, Director of Communications at (802) 772-2234; or visit the Company’s website at http://www.casella.com.

About Waga Energy

Waga Energy (EPA: WAGA) produces competitively priced Renewable Natural Gas (also known as “biomethane”) by upgrading landfill gas using a patented purification technology called WAGABOX®. The RNG produced is injected directly into the gas distribution networks that supply individuals and businesses, providing a substitute for natural gas. Waga Energy finances, builds and operates its WAGABOX® units under long-term contracts with landfill operators for the supply of raw gas, and generates income by selling the RNG it generated. Waga Energy operates seventeen WAGABOX® units in France, Spain and Canada, representing an installed capacity of 640 GWh/year (2,180,000 MMBtu). Fifteen units are under construction in France, Canada and the US. Each project initiated by Waga Energy contributes to the fight against global warming and the helps the energy transition. Learn more: waga-energy.com, follow us on: LinkedIn and Twitter, and subscribe to the newsletter.