Trying to maximize revenue from your RNG project? Concerned about reliability and operational costs? GraniteFuel Engineering is your solution!

By | 2022-11-28

GraniteFuel’s proprietary biogas compression + membrane separation combo system is gaining popularity. Gas compression is necessary to force the gas flow through membranes, the rest of the upgrading process, and onto the gas grid. Traditionally, one large compressor is used, however the GraniteFuel design features 6 compressors paired with high quality membranes in an enclosed package. This enables a more efficient process capable of operating with variable gas flow rates

By designing and engineering all elements of the gas clean-up equipment, GraniteFuel can optimize all the components to lower costs, improve efficiency & reliability, as well as future proof your site. Turn down capacity is a key aspect, which allows for variation in gas flow from seasonal changes or site expansion. Instead of a third-party compression system, GraniteFuel’s design features multiple compressors to maintain constant pressure, reduce power consumption, add redundancy, and eliminates expensive gas recycling equipment. Post-compression temperature control then extends flexibility into the gas separation section. 

RNG ventures are complex, so let the experts at GraniteFuel Engineering custom engineer & build a site-specific strategy for you and take advantage of:

  • Production facilities in Houston, TX & Toronto, ON
  • Buy America
  • Maximize E-RINS credits
  • Up to 30% IRA investment tax credits
  • Lower OpEx & increased ROI

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