About GraniteFuel Engineering

Here at GraniteFuel, our team are experts in every stage of biogas upgrading, offering both complete integrated systems and individual custom-engineered solutions to clients across North America. The company originated as a fuel gas conditioning team at DCL International Inc—the well-known catalyst and aftertreatment expert—but we soon became a separate entity. The GraniteFuel brand is growing exponentially in the area of energy reclamation—extracting value from waste products. We specialize in the design, engineering and manufacture of biogas upgrading technology for wastewater treatment plants (WWTP), landfills and agricultural waste. This focus promotes environmentally friendly practices, while turning a waste product into a valuable revenue stream. With growing public interest in renewable energy practices, turning your waste into biogas offers a multi-faceted return on investment (ROI). Financial gain from creating energy out of a waste product comes with valuable green credentials that can improve your public image.

About GraniteFuel Engineering

The GraniteFuel specialism is building systems to upgrade and clean your biogas, generating RNG (renewable natural gas), otherwise known as biomethane, or sustainable natural gas (SNG). To be classified as biomethane, biogas must be purified to a very high methane concentration. By removing CO2, and separating contaminants like VOCs, siloxanes and H2S, our systems upgrade biogas to over 97% methane. This valuable RNG is interchangeable with regular natural gas and can be distributed via the existing gas grid. Your RNG can be used to fuel your own facilities or compressed into CNG (compressed natural gas) which is suitable for use as a sustainable vehicle fuel.

Biogas Upgrading Methods

The quality of your biogas stream is determined by its source, and the method of purifying it depends on the end use of the product gas. The gas grid has strict purity standards for RNG; different boilers and engines also require different gas compositions and have maximum thresholds for specific contaminants. As biogas upgrading experts, we can ensure your purified biogas meets your specifications.

At GraniteFuel, we specialize in the engineering, manufacturing, and service of biogas pre-treatment systems, as well as upgrading systems. To control the level of contaminants in your biomethane, we build H2S removal systems, chilling and dehydration systems, siloxane and VOC removal systems, and CO2/CH4 separation skids. To ensure that your unique gas stream meets the specifications required by particular engines, turbines and boilers, we can also create bespoke fuel-blending systems. Our fuel-blending skids can be combined with your upstream conditioning solutions to create one fully integrated system.

Our clients can choose from bespoke individual systems, or integrated package solutions, depending on the desired quality of the end-product. We can combine gas boosting with H2S, siloxane and VOC removal, integrate CO2/CH4 membrane technology, or offer them as independent systems. We can also design and build fuel-blending systems to supplement the biogas product. At GraniteFuel, we have a range of gas conditioning systems in our product portfolio to help you achieve your gas purification and quality standard goals.

Our Goal

As bioenergy plays an ever-increasing role in the global energy scene, our goal is to support our clients in turning their waste products into a valuable source of revenue. Combining waste treatment with energy generation is an increasingly common practice in major landfills, agricultural sites, wastewater treatment plants and more. At GraniteFuel, our systems are designed to combine renewable bioenergy generation with the highest rates of energy efficiency. Our unique fuel conditioning solutions are custom engineered for each application to provide consistent and efficient reduction of fuel contaminants, helping you get the most out of your biogas. GraniteFuel systems were developed to outlast any other solution on the market, while maintaining low operating costs to provide long-term, cost-effective fuel conditioning.


Biogas and Hydrogen

As increasing market demand drives sustained growth in the clean energy industry, we’re increasing our capacity for supporting and engineering systems for major developing fuels. Hydrogen has shown great promise as a storage media for green energy but is hampered by the lack of a sufficient infrastructure to support it. However, with the use of hydrogen in methanation, for example, it’s possible to transform hydrogen into methane and inject it into the existing natural gas grid. Contact our team today or visit our website at to find out how we can help you meet your unique biogas requirements.


Our DCL Legacy

Our origins as a fuel gas conditioning team within DCL International, allowed us to bring our specialist knowledge and experience to our clients’ aid from day one. GraniteFuel Engineering was formed to allow our team to focus on the engineering, manufacture and service of biogas contaminant removal solutions. As our product list and project portfolio have grown, we have maintained our close ties with DCL. GraniteFuel Engineering and DCL’s exhaust aftertreatment division continue to work closely together to provide fuel treatment and integrated exhaust solutions, including emissions control, sound attenuation and heat recovery components. This allows us to offer complete, integrated biogas upgrading and emissions control systems.

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