The DRYCAKE TWISTER organic separator has arrived in North America!

By | 2019-08-21

California, USA, August 21th – DRYCAKE is proud to have recently installed the first TWISTER organic separator in North America in Oroville, California at North State Rendering.

As a result of their rigorous work, DRYCAKE successfully overcame the specific challenges of this project, such as the restricted space available and the requirement that trucks would be able to discharge directly in the Twister hopper. The goal was to eliminate the need to an overhead crane or front loader in the existing AD plant in which the unit was installed.  

Because of their advanced expertise, DRYCAKE could deliver a truly unique project. Features such as the installation in the pit, the vortex plastic discharge, the outdoor installation without cover, the custom hopper design, the all stainless steel control and equipment and the custom packaging discharge make the project distinctive through North America.

What is the DRYCAKE TWISTER process?

The TWISTER is an organic separator that depackages industrial food waste in order to produce a clean organic soup for the anaerobic digester. How does it work?

DRYCAKE TWISTER - Complete plant example

First, the food waste discharges into the Twister Feeding hopper. A variable speed feeding screw pushes the food waste into the Twister Separator Drum. Then, the Twister Separator Screw generates a vortex that pushes the organic materials through the drum perforations while retaining the packaging.

At this step, the organics drop into an organics hopper before being pumped to the anaerobic digester. Finally, the Twister Vortex effect lifts the light packaging out of food waste and out to a packaging discharge chute using a lateral discharge design.


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