Record Number of RNG Facilities in Development in Canada and US

By | 2023-06-13

BiogasWorld’s research shows that there are at least 230 RNG facilities in different stages of development US and Canada as of June 2023. 

In Canada, the majority of RNG plants in development are upgrading biogas produced from agricultural, industrial, or municipal organic waste,” explains Ryan Hart, Renewable Energy Analyst with BiogasWorld. “In the US, the situation is a little bit different: while agricultural RNG facilities still lead, the second largest group of RNG projects are landfills.

So far, Canada and the US have almost 300 operating RNG projects in total. The most active RNG industry developments in Canada happen in Quebec, British Columbia, and Ontario, however other provinces are slowly entering the market as well. As for the US, the states with the most operating RNG projects include California, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin.The lists of operational facilities and facilities in construction and development are available for BiogasWorld’s Business Standard and Business Premium members via Biogas Community.

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