Fitec Lands Contract to Build World’s First Avocado Biogas Facility

Mexico-based Villa Avocado will digest the waste from their avocado oil production facility to close the loop and create renewable energy.

Toronto, ON: Fitec Environmental Technologies Inc., a Canadian biogas design and engineering company, has signed a contract to build a biogas facility for Villa Avocado, an avocado-oil processing facility in the Michoacàn province of Mexico.

For Villa Avocado, a company that employs 250 people, the biogas facility will provide a sustainable disposal solution for the 120 tonnes of waste biomass they produce per day. The on-site biogas facility will produce 650 m3/hr of biogas which will offset heating and electricity costs for their operation.

While Fitec has been in operation since 2018 and has 5 facilities in operation in Canada, this project will mark the start of expansion to Mexico and be the first biogas facility worldwide to be powered by avocado oil processing waste.

A second expansion that will double the renewable energy production for Villa Avocado is planned for 2024.

FITEC ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES INC. ( is a Canadian-based design and engineering company providing robust and reliable solutions to the organic waste and anaerobic digestion industries across North America.