European Biomethane Week

By | 2023-04-10

Countdown to 2030: from targets to action

4th week of October 2023 across Europe
24-26 October – Flagship event in Brussels

A must attend event for producers, users, investors and legislators involved in the deployment of biogases across Europe, including:

  • High-level European Biogas Conference with 500 participants and 40 speakers
  • Expo area
  • Networking opportunities
  • Side-events

About the European Biomethane Week

The 1st edition of the European Biomethane Week builds on the European Biogas Conference, the flagship event of the European Biogas Association (EBA). This new concept is supported by the Biomethane Industrial Partnership (BIP) and will showcase the development of biogases across Europe with:

  • High-level European Biogas Conference (24-25 October) with top-notch speakers to stir up stimulating discussions 
  • Expo area sparking creative and innovative thinking
  • EBA Awards and photo contest exhibition
  • Boots on the ground: a biomethane plant visit open to policy makers and other participants;
  • Unmatched networking opportunities, gala dinner and a brewery visit
  • National events across Europe

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Flagship event in Brussels – highlights

24 October  – European Biogas Conference sessions:

  • 1+1=3 – The energy mix of the future
  • Biogases: game changers for decarbonised industries
  • Technology, operations and design: increasing sustainability
  • 2030 biomethane scale-up: national and global milestones

25 October – European Biogas Conference sessions:

  • Biomethane Economics
  • Fostering soil health with sustainable biogas systems
  • Delivery on negative emissions: Bio-CO2 valorisation and carbon storage solutions
  • On the fast lane for transport decarbonisation with biomethane

26 October –  Plant visit:

Who else will join?

  • High-level stakeholders from the renewable gas industry
  • Representatives from key areas for the development of the biogases industry, including the transport and agrobusiness sectors, as well as financers and end-users
  • Researchers and academia working on innovative renewable gas technologies to develop our industry
  • Influential policy-makers for the biogases sector in Europe

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