Drycake’s new revolutionary Seditank-Plastifloat patent to help prevent plastics from entering anaerobic digesters

By | 2021-06-23

In response to the rising concerns of residual plastics in the organics coming from depackagers and entering into anaerobic digesters and ultimately into the digestate or compost, Drycake’s new Seditank-Plastifloat patent will help prevent plastics from entering anaerobic digesters.

The residual plastics in the organics from depackagers do not reach the cleanliness requirements, and therefore are mainly removed after the digestion process. Doing so introduces additional operational and maintenance costs. The innovative Seditank-Plastifloat removal of plastics has been specially designed with this issue in mind.

The Seditank-Plastifloat is a combined process that removes both plastic and grit from the depackager organics. It is also suitable for new or existing pre-treatment lines and can be retrofitted for any depackager technology, especially for those that have a high amount of residual plastics in the organics.

The organics from the depackager are introduced into the Seditank-Plastifloat by pump or by conveyor. The grit settles and is moved by the conveyor, followed by the floatate removal by an adjustable valve and baffle plate. The clean liquid then exits the unit by gravity into a buffer tank to pump the organics into the digester. The solid baffle plate by design retains all plastics including the microplastics. The floatate containing the plastics is processed by a small Twister designed with a special mesh to recover the plastics and homogenize the organic scum. The organics are then re-introduced into the Seditank-Plastifloat. Plastics even recovered in a high concentration are still mixed with some scum, which has a very high energy value.

Removing the plastics and the grit in one step is a major leap forward to allow compliance with the regulations regarding to allowed contaminants in land application, in addition to preventing the accumulation of solids in the digester as well as excessive wear of the pumps caused by the grit.

To see the Seditank-Plastifloat in motion, check out the presentation video on YouTube.

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