BIOP is The New Brand of The BIOGEST-Group

By | 2023-10-18

VIENNA, AUSTRIA: BIOP is the new brand of the BIOGEST-Group, specializing in the development, construction, and operation of own plant operation (OPO) facilities as an active shareholder.

BIOP is part of the BIOGEST-Group, a global manufacturer of biogas and biomethane plants based in Austria. The own plant operation business unit has been part of BIOGEST’s portfolio since 2011. The new BIOP brand strongly focuses on long-term partnerships, and the employees are bringing 12 years of know-how into BIOP’s operations. To differentiate itself from BIOGEST, BIOP takes on an active role in unlocking change, offering investors profitable and sustainable investments and project developers the opportunity to take over and further develop green gas projects.

Martin Schlerka, CEO of the BIOGEST-Group, declares: “I’m incredibly excited to unveil our brand to the world. BIOP is not just a new name; it represents a commitment to green gas solutions and a sustainable future. We know the long way towards energy transition and, therefore, have set ambitious goals to support its achievement. Our mission is to unlock the full potential of the green gas sector by developing, establishing, and investing in best-of-class biogas technology worldwide. With BIOP, we connect these central components to enable green growth.”

BIOP owns and operates 6 biogas and biomethane plants in Czech, the UK, and France. It has over 20 projects in the pipeline throughout Europe and the US, aiming to keep assets in the main biogas regions. These green gas projects have been engineered with the BIOGEST-Technology, proven and tested in over 180 biogas plant projects worldwide, generating electricity or biomethane.

About BIOP Green Gas

BIOP Green Gas, a subsidiary of the BIOGEST-Group, specializes in developing, constructing, and operating biogas and biomethane plants as an active shareholder globally. BIOP is committed to sustainability and innovative engineering and is dedicated to driving the energy transition towards a sustainable future. Join us in unlocking the potential of green gas to be part of the sustainable energy transition today.