BiogasWorld and CIBiogas Announce Partnership Streamlining Biogas Development in Brazil

By | 2023-10-17

October 18, 2023
BiogasWorld, biogas and biomethane business development platform, and CIBiogas, Institution of Science and Technology with Innovation, dedicated to the development of biogas, announce today the collaboration to promote and facilitate industry growth in Brazil.

BiogasWorld’s network of renowned biogas and biomethane industry suppliers and CIBiogas’s knowledge of Brazil’s particularities and market drivers will allow both organizations to contribute to market development and optimize business exchanges.

As part of this collaboration, members of both organizations will benefit from online networking and business development opportunities via Biogas Community, will learn more about the Brazilian market via reports and webinars, and will connect to major industry players.

Brazilian has almost 900 operational biogas plants and produce almost 3 billion Nm3 of biogas per year. The majority of plants are located in Minas Gerais and Paraná States and as in many other countries, agricultural feedstock is the most used input for biogas plants, although a major part of biogas is produced at landfills.

The Brazilian Biogas Market is growing really fast, doubled in the last five years. As it grows needs more and more maturity in operational aspects, planning and suppliers. Connect our market with Biogas World is the best opportunity to make it happen in a fast, but solid, way. We are very proud to connect and looking forward on this partnership,” said Felipe Marques, technology development director of CIBiogás.

We are excited about this collaboration with CIBIogas. We worked with CIBIogas before and I am sure this collaboration will bring benefits to BiogasWorld’s and CIBiogas’s members. The use of our Biogas Community will facilitate communications and knowledge sharing, ” said Natalia Bourenane, general manager of BiogasWorld.

The partnership between CIBiogas and BiogasWorld will create a collaborative space in Biogas Community to exchange knowledge, meet new professionals, and generate business opportunities in the biogas and biomethane industry.

About BiogasWorld

BiogasWorld is a business generation network and project support platform, connecting the suppliers of products and services with project developers. BiogasWorld delivers services via the BiogasWorld and Biogas Community  platforms.

About CIBiogas

CIBiogás – International Renewable Energy Center – Biogas is a Science, Technology and Innovation organization, dedicated to the development of biogas as a clean and competitive energy resource, with the aim of promoting the renewable energy market.

Started more than 10 years ago focused on solving environmental impacts, CIBiogas emerged from the initiative of Itaipu Binacional and the Itaipu Technological Park to carry out actions that developed the biogas theme and the development of the biogas value chain and supply chain. To date, the institution executes several projects with partners, related to biogas and biomethane throughout Brazil and other advanced fuels, such as hydrogen from biogas.

CIBiogás has the 1st Biogas Laboratory in Brazil accredited by the General Accreditation Coordination of Inmetro – CGCRE in the ISO 17025:2017 standard, for the Biochemical Potential of Methane test and launched the first business club focused on biogas and biomethane, BiogasClub, which has members from across the sector to integrate and jointly develop innovative solutions for the fastest growing market in the world.

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