Canada Government Funds RNG Projects & Companies in the Industry Keep Expanding

By | 2020-10-16

Here’s an overview of key biogas news.


Canadian government funds RNG, biomass heating projects

The Canadian government on Oct. 8 awarded funding to an agricultural biomethanizer plant in Quebec and project that will add high-efficiency biomass boilers to four municipal buildings in New Brunswick. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada announced it will award nearly $900,000 to two projects under its Agricultural Clean Technology Program. An investment of up to $758,243 is being made in Coop Agri-Energie Warwick to support the development of a cooperative agricultural biomethanizer plant.

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US EPA announces $3M in funding for food waste AD projects

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced the selection of 12 recipients to receive approximately $3 million in funding to help reduce food loss and waste and to divert food waste from landfills by expanding anaerobic digestion (AD) capacity in the United States. The project types selected for funding include feasibility studies, demonstration projects, as well as technical assistance and training. “Finding solutions to better curb food waste continues to be a top priority for the Trump administration,” says EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler.

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Scania: Prague deploys biogas truck for sewer cleaning

Prague’s water supply and sewerage company, Pražské vodovody a kanalizace (PVK), has taken its first biogas high pressure cleaner and sewer flushing truck into service, which is also the first in Central Europe. Using a system from Kaiser, the combined suction and jetting hose boom cleans the sewer with a high-pressure stream of recycled water and melts off the settled dirt. Using a vacuum device, the dirt is sucked into the sludge tank in the vehicle body. A filter system then separates solids from sewer water and the filtered water is channelled directly back for further jetting operations.

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Ontario Welcomes Construction of Largest Renewable Natural Gas Plant in the Province and New Program for Enbridge Customers

Ontario will soon be home to a new renewable natural gas (RNG) facility, which will create local jobs and stimulate regional economic development, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Canada. The Niagara Falls Renewable Natural Gas plant will be the largest of its kind in Ontario and will generate enough clean renewable energy from landfill waste to heat 8,750 homes across the country and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 48,000 tonnes. Jeff Yurek, Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks, and Bill Walker, Associate Minister of Energy, joined representatives from Enbridge and Walker Industries in Niagara Falls today to formally announce the $42 million facility.

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CleanBay Renewables Selects Evoqua Water Technologies as Technology Partner and Operations Provider for Westover Maryland Facility

CleanBay Renewables Inc. (CleanBay), an enviro-tech company focused on the production of sustainable renewable natural gas and organic fertilizer, today announced the selection of Evoqua Water Technologies LLC (NYSE: AQUA), an industry leader in mission-critical water treatment solutions, as a key partner for its Westover, Maryland bio-refinery. Evoqua and CleanBay are currently in negotiations for Evoqua to provide its field-proven anaerobic digestion and water treatment technology for CleanBay’s Westover facility, which is anticipated to recycle more than 150,000 tons of chicken litter annually and convert it into renewable natural gas, renewable electricity and a nutrient-rich fertilizer product.

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Veolia and Waga Energy launch one of the largest green gas projects in France

Waga Energy and Veolia signed a contract in early October in Paris to install a Wagabox purification unit at the Claye-Souilly (Seine-et-Marne) waste storage centre. Commissioned in February 2022, it will produce biomethane from waste and supply renewable gas to 20,000 homes in the Paris region. Wagabox is a breakthrough technology for the recovery of biogas from landfilled waste. It separates the methane from the other components of the biogas produced by the decomposition of organic matter, to produce biomethane. This biogas is complex to purify because it contains air.

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Nature Energy begins construction on large-scale biogas plant

Major Danish biogas producer Nature Energy has started construction on a large-scale biogas plant near Aabenraa, southern Denmark. The biogas plant, Nature Energy Kværs, is expected to be ready to produce large quantities of climate-friendly biogas by April 2022. The project will take place in collaboration with the local supplier association, BioenergiSyd, which will supply a large part of the biomass to the plant. Ole Hvelplund, Nature Energy’s CEO, said: “Biogas production will be in close collaboration with the supplier association, BioenergiSyd, with whom we have a good collaboration.

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Greenlane Renewables signs $7.7M supply contract for Florida RNG project

Greenlane Renewables Inc. announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Greenlane Biogas North America Ltd., has signed an $7.7 million (U.S. $5.8 million) contract for a new renewable natural gas (RNG) project developed by San Francisco, Calif.-based Brightmark LLC. The multiple-site dairy farm project in the State of Florida will utilize Greenlane’s pressure swing adsorption (PSA) biogas upgrading systems. “This is a showcase project and second contract with Brightmark, one of the leading RNG project developers in the United States,” said Brad Douville, president and CEO of Greenlane.

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UW-Oshkosh teams up with Agra Energy, using new technology to convert biogas into renewable energy

America’s Dairyland has enough cows to live up to the name, but with those cows comes a lot of waste, and UW-Oshkosh wants to put it to use. “If we can harness the energy left in that waste to help offset greenhouse gas emissions and our dependence on fossil fuels to kind of create a renewable energy that’s a good thing for our state to develop that homegrown technology,” said Brian Langolf, UWO’s Biogas Program Director. Langolf says they teamed up with Agra Energy, a California-based company, last year. “It’s an exciting collaboration between the University Wisconsin Oshkosh and Agra Energy to really deploy some of the state of the art technology to basically convert dairy waste into a new renewable synthetic fuel to kind of be an offset to other fossil fuels,” said Langolf.


Cardiff Company Revolutionising Sewage To Energy Conversion

Cardiff-based biotech company Genesis Biosciences has developed a novel, cost-effective and low site footprint solution to convert waste products into energy faster than currently possible while drastically reducing net energy consumption and final waste volumes. Genesis’ Biogas Additive was developed at its South Wales laboratories by experts in the fields of microbiology and chemical engineering and is the latest product in the company’s range of innovative microbial solutions. The granulated powder enhances the performance of anaerobic digestion (AD) systems – which use bacteria to break down organic matter such as human waste, manure and food without oxygen – by increasing their biogas yields by as much as 100% and reducing the levels of undigested waste sludge disposed to landfill by half.

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