Showcase Report 2020: Successful projects of biogas and biomethane suppliers

By | 2020-10-08

The second edition of the Showcase Report for the biogas and biomethane industry is out! It contains the latest successful projects of BiogasWorld members. The goal of the report is to feature biogas and biomethane technology suppliers and services providers on the market and show how they can help you with your project.

For a project developer, choosing the right technologies for your project can be challenging. How can you assess the features of the different technologies and decide which ones would help your project reach its full potential?

The Showcase Report is here to show you the technologies and services in action with short project descriptions highlighting their results and benefits. You will get a glimpse into what technologies and services are currently offered in the biogas and biomethane market all over the world. The Showcase Report is an excellent resource to help you take strategic decisions.

A showcase of successful projects of major biogas and biomethane suppliers

The Showcase report 2020 includes the following information:

  • Profiles of +45 successful projects in Europe, North America and Asia
  • 36 product supplier and service providers
  • Concrete examples of product and service applications
  • Contact information of featured suppliers

Technologies suppliers and services providers featured

The Showcase Report 2020 highlights many biogas/biomethane technologies suppliers and services providers, including:

  • Agriculture and Agri-food Project by Bahler Biogas
  • Clover Hill Dairy Farm Project by Bauer Compressors
  • Asja Landfill and AIMAG SSO Facility Projects by Xebec

As well as projects by Anaergia, Naskeo, SGTech, Suez, Veolia, AirLiquide, DMT, IES Biogas, Prodeval, Waga Energy, ANGI, MRU, Schumann Tanks, Element Markets and many others.

Download the Showcase Report 2020 today and explore the latest successful projects of biogas and biomethane technologies suppliers and services providers