Biogas purification and flares, that’s our business—worldwide

Pyro Green-Gas Inc. was established in 1993, as a manufacturer of thermal oxidizers for the control of VOC emissions.

Pyro Green-Gas Purification Technologies is a Canadian company based in Montreal that designs and builds Biogas Purification Systems and Equipment for bio-digesters and landfill gas applications.


Biogas Purification

Biogas, a combination of methane (CH4), carbon dioxide (CO2) and impurities is a gaseous fuel but also a greenhouse gas (GHG). As a gaseous fuel, biogas must be purified before being valorized through the production of electricity or of compressed natural gas (CNG).

Pyro Green-Gas Purification Technologies include biogas desulfurizationbiogas dehumidificationbiogas siloxanes and hydrocarbons removal and biogas CO2 removal systems.

Coke Oven Gas Purification and Valorization

Historically coke oven gas (COG) has been used as a fuel for its calorific value, however due to the evolution of gas separation systems and their reduction in price, the extraction of hydrogen, methane or the use of COG as a feedstock to produce hydrogen through COG reforming and water shift reaction or to produce ethanol is now creating much superior value for COG than traditional usage as a fuel.

Pyro Green-Gas Purification Technologies has become a leader in the valorization of COG over the last five years.

Pyrolysis Gas Purification

Depending on the feedstock being pyrolyzed the composition of the pyrolysis gas will contain various contaminants. Prior to the use of this gas as a fuel or as a gaseous feedstock, these contaminants need to be removed. The most common contaminants from the pyrolysis of vehicle tires are hydrogen sulfide and hydrochloric acid.

Pyro Green-Gas Purification Technologies has the required technologies to eliminate pyrolysis gas contaminants in the most cost-efficient way using single-use wet or dry media or regenerative technologies.


Biogas and Landfill Gas Flares

As a greenhouse gas, biogas cannot be vented to the atmosphere and must be incinerated in a flare.  Pyro Green-Gas Enclosed Flame Gas Flares are specifically designed for biogas incineration. These flares are designed for continuous operation as is the case for landfill gas applications. These flares are also designed for emergency use only which is generally the case in conjunction with biogas purification systems.


Pyro Green-Gas in the Biogas Market

Pyro Green-Gas Purification Technologies has a worldwide approach to the biogas market and will entertain projects in any country. The company presently has installations in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and India.

With affiliates in India, China and the Middle East, representation in South America,  Pyro Green-Gas Purification Technologies is well equipped to provide technical and after sales service to its international clients.

You can trust  Pyro Green-Gas Purification Technologies to find the right solution for your needs wherever you are, biogas purification is our business— worldwide.


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