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DMT Clear Gas Solutions is the fastest growing biogas technology company in the world. DMT specializes in delivering world-class solutions so companies may contribute to building a cleaner environment, in a sustainable way. While the technologies we develop and implement solve critical environmental issues, DMT’s solutions also provide you with a financial means of return (ROI) for profitability. Our reputation precedes us. Known as a global industry leader, as well as a trusted and reliable partner. With offices strategically located in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia, DMT is positioned to help you anywhere and at any time.

DMT has invested almost 30 years in the field of biogas upgrading and desulphurization. Our solutions are the very best the market has to offer. And our service is unequaled! We offer a suite of cost effective solutions that are achieved through our team of scientists, engineers and highly motivated employees to help you achieve your goals. We value your waste!


Biogas Upgrading to green gas or vehicle fuel; Carborex MS

Whether your project produces gas from a landfill, resource recovery of agricultural site, DMT can provide the technology best suited to your project.  One of the major product lines DMT Environmental Technology offers is the Carborex MS. This system upgrades biogas to pure methane. The biomethane can be supplied to the national gas grid, or be compressed to Natural Gas (Carborex CNG), to be used as vehicle fuel. DMT also provides the technology for converting (bio)gas to LNG. DMT’s Carborex MS in Poundbury was the first commercial biogas upgrading system in the UK, and the first in Europe. DMT is now the largest producer of biogas upgrading facilities in the world with membrane technology. We offer the Best Available Technique (BAT) with the highest uptime and easy to operate systems.

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Biogas Desulphurization

Biogas can be produced through the digestion of biological waste and is considered to be one of the most important sources of renewable energy as a replacement of natural gas. Syngas is produced through the gasification of a carbon containing fuel and used as intermediate in generation synthetic natural gas. These gasses contain hydrogen sulphide (H2S) which needs to be removed, due to its toxicity but also to prevent corrosion problems and Sox emissions. Therefor gas desulphurization is essential.

DMT offers 3 systems for the removal of H2S from gas; a biological process (Sulfurex®BF), a Chemical process with biological regeneration (Sulfurex®BR) and a chemical process (Sulfurex®CR).  We select the best process for your application, gas flow rate and Sulphur load, maximizing your return on investment.

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Water treatment, Resource recovery

Recovering resources from waste water is crucial in building a circular economy. Our products cover exactly that part of the sustainable circle. Our TurboTec® is a thermal hydrolysis solution for municipal and industrial market for sludge treatment. It offers higher revenues of biogas, reduced sludge volumes and it produces a high quality (Class A) sludge for agricultural applications. All of this with just half the digester volume!

Our NutriTec® technology recovers nitrogen and phosphate from waste water. Phosphate is recovered through precipitation of Struvite. Ammonium is recovered through a hydrophobic membrane stripping process that captures ammonia in a sulfuric acid solution to produce ammonium sulphate. The recovered ammonium can be used as a fertilizer.

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