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Liquid and Dry Polymer Systems: Quality, safety, reliability and durability

KGO Group, chemical process, pump and systems specialists, offers liquid and dry polymer systems for mining, pulp & paper, industrial and municipal applications.


ActiFlex Liquid Polymer Systems

KGO Group - Liquid Polymer Systems

ActiFlex polymer systems are designed specifi cally for industrial and critical use applications for mining, pulp and paper, industrial, and municipal customers. This plug-free, dual check valve/dilution injection system provides “fast and complete” inversion and dilution of a wide range of cationic, anionic, non-ionic, standard and dewatered polymers.

Robust, and easy to operate and maintain, these systems offer a number of benefi ts while delivering a low cost of ownership. Available in a wide range of system sizes and confi gurations, our technology is backed by an experienced technical support staff dedicated to ensuring customers receive the right system for their needs.


Products Offered:

  • Model 10 – For low volume, polymer consumption applications
  • Model 20 – For Medium volume consumption in critical and non critical applications
  • Model 30 – For high volume polymer consumption in critical applications
  • Model 40 – For large volume polymer consumption in critical process applications


Safety First

Liquid Emulsion polymer can be a serious slip hazard whether it is supplied neat or diluted with water. Ensure you are using leak proof piping systems as well as drip trays where needed. Provide
adequate safety training, handling, and transferring of oil based polymers. Post warning signs and consult your vendor on all safety and cleaning details.


See the brochure attached for more information!


HydraFlex & Typhoon HydraMix

KGO Group - Dry Polymer Systems

KGO Group Ltd., provides quality high performance dry polymer systems capable of hydrating a wide range of water soluble polymers of varying particle sizes and molecular weights. Our installations base is varied and includes Mining, Pulp & Paper, Water & Waste Water, and Major Industrial applications and shipped to locations worldwide.

Our systems offer superior polymer wetting, safety, robust construction, with minimal maintenance, cleaning and service. A significant focus on safety has emerged over the years and is a key factor in our designs and construction processes, we have addressed key ergonomic concerns regarding, structural support and safe access to bulk bags, containment of bulk powders, and nuisance dust with easy and safe access to all system components.

Our HydraFlex & Typhoon high performance wetting systems provide exceptional control of “fine” dust particles with the use of a non-mechanical pressurized vacuum system that ensures “all” material is drawn into the system and fed dust free to the mix and age tank, “wetting in our HydraFlex & Typhoon systems start when the dry material and water interface” and is not totally dependent on the tank agitator for hydration like many low quality systems. Our unique designs and properly sized components ensure agglomerate free and fully wetted polymer, regardless of low water temperatures or quality.


Products Offered:

  • HydraFlex HC Series – High Capacity Polymer System
  • HydraFlex LC Series  – Low Capacity Dry Polymer Systems
  • Typhoon HydraMix – To blend a variety of dry materials with extreme fine or difficult powder


See the brochure attached for more information!

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