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Waste Water Treatment Plant by LZT Group

LZT Group offers different types of waste water treatment plant, including industrial WWTP, biological WWTP plant and biogas WWTP plant.


Factory Alchemist – Industrial WWTP

Their most popular and bestselling product, “Factory Alchemist” is a state-of-the-art industrial wastewater treatment plant. The plant is manufactured exclusively from EU-made parts. The system is perfectly geared to remove all solids and substances before treating process water and reclaiming it for reuse. “Factory Alchemist” is a universal Lego-type modular system that can be applied in a variety of industries including slaughter-houses, meat processing companies, food industry companies, fish processing companies, fish farms, etc.

Factory Alchemist - Industrial waste water treatment plant by LZT Group


H2O Reincarnator – Biological WWTP

“H20 Reincarnator” is a biological wastewater treatment plant developed by Industrial Heroes for companies and villages. The brainchild of our sharpest minds, this biological WWTP is a surface container-type solution with built-in state-of-the-art water purification technology. We named it “H20 Reincarnator” because it truly has the power to reincarnate water by turning wastewater into clean technical water.

H2O Reincarnator - Biological waste water treatment plant - LZT Group


Mr. Aqua Electro – Biogas WWTP

What if there was a solution that could treat all of your industrial wastewater while generating electricity to power your industrial plant? Meet “Mr. Aqua Electro”, a sustainable biogas-based wastewater treatment plant from Industrial Heroes. The plant employs a process based on an anaerobic high-performance fermenter with biomass retention. Treated anaerobically, the organic load of wastewater is reduced by more than 90%.

Mr. Aqua Electro - Biogas waste water treatment plant by LZT Group


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