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Field Erected Treatment Plants: Proven treatment technologies & cost effective

H2Flow-Field Erected Treatment Plant-picture example

Field Erected Treatment Plants (FER) wastewater plants offer real solutions for constructing treatment facilities. They are based on providing proven treatment technologies but with bolted steel, field erected methods of construction and pre-fabricated ancillary structures. The cost effectiveness and rapid construction of bolted steel tanks offers great advantages compared to traditional concrete tank structures.


Why choose Field Erected Treatment Plants?

Field erected treatment plants have many benefits for your project, such as:

  • Modular construction of bolted steel tanks provides low cost, rapid installation, construction in remote and restrictive environments, factory quality control, and cost competitiveness
  • H2Flow can provide to engineers, contractors and end-users a total solution including equipment sizing, supply, installation, and training of operating personnel. This is perfect in the current reduction of budget situation for municipalities and industries. They can obtain high-quality and cost-effective solutions.
  • H2Flow Tanks are built and tested to “zero defects”.
  • The plants is a viable option for colder climates as tanks can be covered, insulated and heat traced to protect from freezing.


Main features of the field Erected Treatment Plants

H2Flow-field Erected Treatment Plants- Features

The field erected treatment plants by H2Flow have the following features:

  • Based on field erected, bolted steel tanks
  • Complete Instrumentation package
  • Fast assembly time and low cost
  • Electrical control panel with PLC
  • Diffused aeration system
  • Remote control panel access
  • Aeration blowers
  • All auxiliary equipment


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