Product Description

Sequencing Batch Reactor Biocycle™ by Mabarex

  • Capacity of between 10 to 50 000 m³/day
  • Very high efficiency on BOD5 and S.S. and also has proven nutrient removal capabilities without chemical addition (nitrification, denitrification and biological phosphorus removal).
  • Single or multi-tank design for industrial and municipal applications from 10 m³/d to 50 000 m³/d.
  • Easy retrofit on existing installations of any type and/or geometry.
  • Highest industrial quality hardware in instrumentation and programmable control.
  • The largest choice of aeration and mixing equipment in SBR technology.


Biocycle™ SBR Process

The process is an activated sludge system that operates in time rather than in space, i.e. all steps take place, one after the other, in the same tank instead of moving from one tank to another. A typical Biocycle™ operation involves filling a tank with wastewater (with or without mixing under anoxic conditions), then aerating the wastewater to convert the organic into microbial mass.

After a specified time period (widely adjustable) all aerating and mixing devices are stopped to provide the best settling conditions. This period is then followed by discharging the clarified water (decant).

The tank is never completely emptied. Only the clarified water is discharged. The settled active biomass is left in the tank for the next cycle. Periodically, a fraction of the retained sludge is purged to keep the desired sludge.


Learn more about Mabarex’s Sequence Batch Reactor in the brochure here.

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