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Suspended media biological reactor (MBBR): Biological treatment well adapted to conditions of high or variable loads

Mabarex manufactures its fluidized biological reactor with fixed biomass, called SMBRTM (Suspended Media Biological Reactor), commonly called MBBR.  The SMBRTM can be implemented with a scale free system, where required.

This technology is particularly well adapted to conditions of high or variable loads, for example in the effluents of agri-food industries and landfill sites. This process is used to treat wastewater and increases the capaToutes les technologies city of existing systems while meeting standards for BOD5 and ammonia removal.


Specific features for suspended media biological reactor

This technology is characterized by the following elements:

PEENOXTM media from Mabarex, made of HDPE (high-density polyethylene) virgin plasticallows the support and growth of a large quantity of biomass.  In the case where scaling can be an issue, for leachate treatment in landfill sites for example, our descaling technology can be applied.

This technology is applicable for the construction of new treatment facilities and the upgrading of existing biological treatment plants. In the latter case, it is possible to incorporate the PEENOXTM media directly into existing basins.

n addition to BODremoval, the technology can be used for specific nitrogen removal applications. It is therefore possible to apply a treatment in several stages, depending on the desired treatment objectives.

When upgrading an activated sludge plant, increasing the concentration of biomass in the bioreactor does not cause an increase in suspended solids and therefore does not overload the existing clarifier. On the contrary, the concentration of suspended solids decreases considerably (Example: from 3000 mg/L for an activated sludge process to 300 mg/L or less in an SMBRTM).


Advantages of the suspended media biological reactor

This technology has the following advantages:

  • Offers greater compactness than conventional biological treatment technologies. Thus, it is possible to double (and even more) the purification capacity for installations of comparable volumes.
  • The internal walls of the media protect the biomass from attrition phenomena that occur on the outer walls.
  • In case of toxic shock, the process restart is very fast.
  • It can easily adapt to the presence of substances that would normally be refractory to conventional biological treatments.
  • It can be divided into several stages.
  • Eliminates the need of sludge age control, F/M ratio control, maintaining a sludge blanket
  • It is particularly adapted to cold water conditions.


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