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Bioreactor Treatment: for Communities and Industries

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The H2Flow bioreactor treatment (MBBR system) is based on moving plastic carriers with fixed biofilm surface to remove organic and inorganic substances in the water. The Biowater biofilm carrier elements are freely mixing around in the reactor and are specially designed for biofilm growth.

It has all the benefits of traditional biofilm processes such as RBC (Rotary Biological Contactors) but with many additional benefits. Trouble free, simple operation. The bacteria will grow and develop a solid biofilm on the large protected surface area.

The moving pattern of the carriers in the reactors will also provide a natural removal of excess biofilm, due to the shear forces between the carriers and the water in the reactor. A well developed biofilm can handle an extremely high load of nutrients while avoiding problems associated with clogging or shock.


Features & Advantages of the Bioreactor Treatment 

The bioreactor treatment system has many features and advantages for communities and industries, such as:

  • Very compact
  • Low maintenance, low capital & operating costs
  • Simple operation
  • Easy start up, fully automatic operation, reliable & robust once started
  • No need to add micro-organisms


Equipment Specifications for the Bioreactor Treatment

More specifically, the bioreactor treatment’s specifications are:

  • H2Flow MBBR plants are fully automatic
  • Stainless Steel or Glass-Fused-To-Steel BioReactor Tank
  • Optional Tank Insulation
  • All liquid wetted parts in 304 Stainless Steel
  • Biowater Media™
  • SS Internals and aeration system
  • Necessary instrumentation and accessories
  • Aeration blower(s)
  • Feed pump(s)
  • Necessary piping & valves (PVC or SS)
  • Electrical control panel with start/stop push buttons, lights & remote alarm
  • Remote Control panel access
  • Containerized options

H2Flow-Bioreactor Treatment - Components

H2Flow MBBR plants provide a cost effective and elegant wastewater treatment solution to communities and industrial customers around the world.

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