Product Description

Your natural gas spending is big. So is your opportunity.

Customized Natural Gas Procurement With Personal Consultation

Keeping up with natural gas market opportunities and protecting yourself from upward market movement can be difficult and time-consuming. With GasPortfolio® from Direct Energy Business, your natural gas supply isn’t just an energy purchase—it’s a complete energy strategy.

GasPortfolio is a managed natural gas procurement solution which combines our energy experience with real-time data and market monitoring to help you optimize your energy spending.


Recommended for enterprises with:

  • High-volume requirements—50,000 Dth or higher
  • Multiple sites/locations (national accounts)
  • An in-house energy management function (team or individual)
  • The desire to actively manage energy strategy
  • A need for streamlined market intelligence and reporting


Why choose GasPortfolio for your energy strategy?:

  • Receive customized support tailored to the details of your enterprise
  • Receive active market and account monitoring to assist you with critical decision making and alert you when you need to take action
  • Get the opportunity to optimize your energy spend with proactive, customized analytics and reporting
  • Have a team of energy professionals working toward your goals with you

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