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Odor Control Products

MRR offers a full line of patented activated carbon filters that provide long term and cost-effective odor removal via adsorption onto a bed of activated carbon. These are used to depressurize odorant tanks and/or capture fugitive emissions during odorizer PM work or during spill response.

EZ Carbon filters are equipped with an explosion-proof 1/3 Hp blower (200 cfm design flow) which is either mounted on top of the steel drum or detached. They are available in a 30 or 55-gallon format.

The 55-gallon version with attached motor weighs in at about 270lbs but, can easily be replaced as the blower motor is attached to the cover.

We also design and install custom made filtration systems to best suit our customer’s needs.

We have a full array of other odor control products including: Deomer, Masking agent and Passive carbon filters.



Why should you choose our Odor Control Products for your project?

  • Compliance: Using MRR’s odor control products can help ensure compliance with local and federal regulations for odor control in RNG projects.
  • Efficiency: MRR’s patented active carbon filters offer an efficient and cost-effective solution for odor removal, ensuring a safer and more pleasant working environment.
  • Customizability: MRR’s odor control products can be customized to meet the specific needs of an RNG project, ensuring that the odor control solution is tailored to the project’s requirements.
  • Comprehensive solution: In addition to active carbon filters, MRR also offers Deomer, Masking agent and Passive carbon filters, providing a comprehensive range of odor control products for RNG projects.
  • Safe and reliable: MRR’s odor control products are built with safety and reliability in mind and are equipped with explosion-proof blowers for added safety.
  • Easy installation and replacement: MRR’s odor control products are available in easy-to-install formats, and replacement parts are readily available, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum efficiency for the RNG project.


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