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DR3900 Laboratory Spectrophotometer For Water Analysis

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Complete sample data
Samples must be traceable in order to produce reliable, recognised results in the field of water analysis. This traceability can be guaran-teed by consistently logging and documenting each link in the analysis chain, which is where RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) comes into play. RFID is a key technology used to facilitate the identification of system modules. Each sample is assigned its unique RFID identifier and the relevant data at the time it is taken. The entire process is fully documented, which means it is perma-nently traceable.

Clear allocation
The DR3900 Spectrophotometer uses RFID technology to enable reliable communication with the sample taker and the samples. When the user holds the user RFID tag in front of the photometer RFID module, he or she is automatically identified and recorded as the user. The process of reading the data from the RFID tag on the sample bottle to the DR3900 is equally reliable.

When evaluating the cuvette test, simply use the touchscreen to assign the result to the sample. No matter what the purpose of the analysis, reliability is always the top priority and is guaranteed by means of unique user and sample identification.

RFID: latest technology to avoid errors
The procedure for cuvette tests is subject to ongoing development and as such is necessary to update the photometer data on a regular basis. The photometer reads the cuvette barcode and automatically identifies that there is a new cuvette test available or that an existing method must be updated. The required calibration data is now incorporated into the RFID tag on the packaging.

The DR3900 directs the user to hold the cuvette box in front of the RFID module and the system then updates itself automatically. All subsequent measurements then use the current data.

RFID: latest technology to avoid errors
The new 2D barcode also details the batch number and the expiry date of the reagents. During the rotating ten times measurement process using the IBR+ barcode reader, the DR3900 immediately picks up all the information on the cuvette. The batch number and expiry date are documented along with the measurement result. If the expiry date has already passed, an automatic warning will be issued. This prevents reagents inadvertently being used when they have expired.

Laboratory and process: Real-time communication
The Link2sc connection between the photometer and the SC controller guarantees that analysis is transparent, facilitating direct comparison between laboratory and process results. Bi-directional data streams simplify processes (such as a matrix correction in an AN-ISE sc probe) and also deliver impressive reliability.

Clear interpretation of results
The DR3900 Spectrophotometer can be networked, to support the documentation of analysis data with various connected systems. The DR3900 also helps to make sure that measurement values are correctly interpreted and classified. One of the ways it does this is to send an automatic warning if the values deviate from the typical C:N:P ratio. The system also draws attention to any interference factors that may distort results. In addition, there are visual and audio warnings if any limit values are exceeded and it is always possible to set customised target and limit values that take into account local conditions. The DR3900 delivers comprehensive reliable water analysis results.

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