Product Description

Digester Doc Lab Services consist of a complete line of lab services for any type of digester. Using our knowledge and experience we can bring you the best possible productivity and efficiency for your digester system, maximizing your revenue potential.


Biogas Monitoring

Daily Monitoring and Monthly reporting, along with immediate emergency contact regarding any “yellow” or “red” flag that may be present. This service includes 3-4 samples per year with pictures from a microscope helping the client understand the health and populations of their digester. All these data references, reports, and pictures are filed along with any lab services received by the client in a secure password encrypted location to which only the client and client-authorized individuals have access.


Digester Biological Health

Testing to determine if there are any toxicity or inhibitive factors in the digester.


Lifecycle Analysis

A simulation model of operational conditions of a digester, to assist in operational understanding as well as more accurate mass balance calculations based on various client-specific conditions such as temperatures, amendments, additives, and feedstocks.


Methane Potential

Assay test to determine the methane potential of a feedstock(s) or combination recipe.


Mass Balance Calculations

Mathematical Calculations based on COD, BOD, TVS, TS lab analysis.


Digestate Fiber Analysis

Microscope analysis on fiber condition, maturity and germination and growth tests using peas and radish seeds.


Fatty Acid Composition

Assists in establishing your digester’s biological population stability.


Digester Doc Lab Services Schedule & Fees

Digester Doc Lab Services


General Consulting Services also available

If you would like to discuss these or the additional services that we offer and the associated cost, you can consult the Digester Doc Company Page or contact us.


Secure and Open Source Information

All clients who have established a history with Digester Doc (1-year monitoring service contract or longer, or minimum of $2500 of lab services) will receive a special password to access all reports, data reports, and monitoring reports.

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