Product Description

AT1000 Potentiometric Titrator with 1 Burette – Model AT1102

Automatic titration without all the complications.

Titration can be easy. The TitraLab AT1000 from Hach uses pre-set functions that eliminate complex programming and provide accurate results.
The Karl Fischer version TitraLab KF1000 requires only small sample quantities to deliver accurate and precise results for water content applications.

Reliable Titration Results
Eliminates operator interpretation and manual processes with automatic titration to quickly deliver accurate and repeatable results.

Pre-programmed titration methods detect end points and eliminate manual calculations to make results easier to achieve without advanced programming.

Simple Setup and Titration
Application-specific functions to eliminate complex titration setup and analysis.
Hach’s unique application kits make it quick for anyone to set up and operate a test.

Application Packs
The AT1102 instrument can be used with the following Hach Application Packs:

  • pH & Alkalinity in Water (Hach p/n AP0001.AT1102)
  • pH/Alkalinity & Conductivity (Hach p/n AP0002.AT1102)
  • FOS/TAC – Volatile Acids & Alkalinity in Biogas (Hach p/n AP0006.AT1102)
  • pH & Total Acidity in Wine & Juices (Hach p/n AP0008.AT1102)
  • TAN (Hach p/n AP0015.AT1102)
  • TBN (Hach p/n AP0016.AT1102)
  • BR₂/I₂ Number (Hach p/n AP0018.AT1102)

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