Product Description

Pasteurisation Systems

In biogas power plants, largely degassed raw materials become inert. Using it directly in the fields harms the environment due to the bacteria it contains. For this reason, it should be subjected to the hygiene process beforehand. In order to make this process efficient and controlled, a hygiene system has been developed and is produced by Ariş Enerji. According to the regulation, the waste to be sanitized must first be heated to at least 70 °C and kept at this temperature for 1 hour.

Technical Specifications 

  • 304 carbon steel 
  • Insulation aluminum coating 
  • Automation system 
  • Heating system option according to customer demand 
  • Temperature log recording 
  • Compatible with SCADA

Product Code: DPU

Capacity: 50 m3/day – 500 m3/day (Higher capacities are also available in accordance with customer demand.)

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