Product Description

Multi-Stage Centrifugal Blowers

HIBON presents new state-of-the-art technology in Multistage Centrifugal blowers. This solution offers a wide range of design features and incorporates energy efficiency improvements, complying with the strictest operational requirement for a variety of applications.

Why use this solution?

This equipment is a complementary solution to rotary lobe blowers and turbo compressors for users of vacuum and low pressure systems. Multistage air blowers are ideally suited for all operations where a variable flow at constant pressure is a definite requirement.

HIBON has engineered state of the art blower and exhauster packages. Special attention is given to blower alignment. Steel base frames with machined pads for the blower and motor, all ensure vibration-free operation.

For retrofits HIBON multistage centrifugal blowers and exhausters will replace existing units involving very few modifications to the piping and base frame.

How does it work?

The performance characteristics of these blowers generate a variable flow and power at a constant speed. Multistage centrifugal blowers are dynamic radial compressors. They build up pressure by accelerating the fluid in a set of impellers and then decelerating the fluid by means of long radius and high efficiency diffusers.

By activating a valve located on the suction side, HIBON blower’s special design allows for modulation of airflow while maintaining a constant pressure. The power consumption is thus in direct proportion to the required mass flow rate. As an alternative to inlet throttling, air flow can be modulated using a variable frequency drive for specific applications.

HIBON can provide a range of pre-engineered control panels for all you blower and process control needs.


Performance Range of HIBON Multistage Centrifugal Blowers

With these two models “Performer series” and “High Performance series”, Hibon is a worldwide leader in this technology with thousands of units installed around the globe.
HIBON meets the most demanding industrial/ municipal requirements for vibration, noise and efficiency.

HIBON blowers can deliver 850 m3/h to 58000 m3/h (1 200 to 34 000 CFM) of oil free air without fluctuations. Pressures up to 1.3 mbar (20 psig) and a vacuum up to 500 mbar Absolute (15 inches of mercury).

HIBON offers the benefits of the proper equipment solution that is economical and quiet. HIBON’s flow versus pressure characteristic curve allows for a wide operating range down to 50% of flow rate, without surging. HIBON’s knowledgeable staff and our local manufacturers representatives are a valuable asset to every project.


Air And Gas Applications

HIBON has engineered these two series “Performer” and “High Performance” series to withstand the most demanding applications and to offer years of quiet, vibration-free performance, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Multistage blowers and exhausters are ideally suited for operations where a variable flow at constant pressure is required.

You can find them typically for:

  • Aeration (wastewater treatment)
  • Combustion air
  • Centralized vacuum cleaning systems
  • Landfill gas boosting
  • Filter scouring (water / wastewater treatment)
  • Flotation air
  • Agitation
  • Drying
  • Oxidation air (FGD)

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