Product Description

MSE’s Biogas Domes are supplied as independent freestanding units. With their almost total resistance to the harmful acids and other compounds found in biogas, our Biogas Domes are the preferred solution. Costing less than half the price of a typical steel gasholder of the same capacity, our gasholders are becoming the normal method of containing and handling biogas.


Included components Biogas Dome

  • Quality membranes: inner membrane
  • Quality membranes: outer membrane
  • Quality membranes: clamping profile set
  • Ventilator system


  • Gas volume measurement system (Ultrasoon)
  • Overpressure Valve

Benefits Biogas Domes

MSE’s gas storage systems are exclusively manufactured from advanced structural fabrics and designed as membranes to provide both structural (climatic) stability and impermeable gas storage. No metals are used, except for the anchorage connecting the membranes to a concrete foundation slab.

Our gasholders are provided with inflation fans and full instrumentation to measure and control the storage process. Our Biogas Domes can be used in (e.g.) solid waste processing facilities, sewage water and sludge treatment facilities, agricultural waste treatment projects, and agricultural- and industrial biogas installations.

Technical specifications

  • 100% High-frequency welded membranes
  • Available up to a gas storage of 12.500 m³ (from 40m³)
  • Operating pressure up to 50 mBar
  • Lowest possible gas permeability
  • Statical calculation applied to complete installation

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