Product Description


Adekom is an established provider of CNG refueling solutions with more than 20 years of experience. Our natural gas products and services include electric and gas driven compressor packages, bare shaft compressors, mother – daughter station systems, metered, non-metered and trailer filling dispensers, storage units and ancillary equipment, as well as related aftermarket services and spares.

We manufactured more than 800 units and about 40 different models of CNG Compressors with standard capacity range from 250Nm3/hr to 3000Nm3/hr. Also we supply related equipment for CNG station, like gas dryer, priority panel, cascade storage and dispensers (fast fill and time fill options).


Package Scope:

  • One set capacity: 310~2680Nm3/h
  • Driving power: 75~355 kW
  • Inlet pressure: 0.05-4.0 Mpa
  • Water-cooled and air-cooled version available
  • Open frame or weatherproof canopy (container) design for outdoor installation
  • High Automation— Siemens PLC, ABB soft starter (or frequency inverter)

Specifically designed in compliance with ATEX or NEC/NEMA/UL standards for electricals and PED or ASME for pressure vessels.






Compressor Features Include:

  • Proven compressor head with its safe sealed crankcase
  • Most efficient machine in its range with highest volumetric efficiency
  • Direct drive with no belt loss – save transmission losses of more than 5 %-7% against a belt driven machine
  • Compact skid mounted units which reduces installation costs
  • Well balanced cylinder assemblies eliminating vibration
  • Run tested before dispatch
  • All packages adhere to internationally recognized safety standards
  • Genuine air cooled machines with air to gas heat exchangers that eliminate water quality problems and extra installation
  • Air-cooled heat exchangers with extremely minimal maintenance designed with 20 % extra margin for smooth and trouble free working
  • Plate type valve that reduce maintenance and down time
  • Low maintenance requirement
    • Valves 6000hrs service check
    • Piston rings 15,000hrs service check
    • Bearings 35,000hrs service check

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