Product Description

Development of RNG Facilities with Dairy Farmers

We build RNG production facilities and enable dairy farmers to convert waste into energy to combat climate change and improve air quality.

As a pioneer in the dairy RNG industry, we held the first 5 pathways to California’s LCFS. Amp Americas operates several on-farm facilities across the United States that complete the entire process from manure conversion into methane, to methane compression into RNG, and finally RNG injection directly into the fuel pipeline. From there, the fuel is used by a variety of transportation fleets, directly impacting the environment by preventing hundreds of thousands of tons of greenhouse emissions.

RNG Facilities

  • We build safe, high performing, successful facilities.

Project Management

  • Engineering expertise and proprietary methodology for state of the art projects.

Project Development

  • Design, technology & equipment setup, permitting and construction

Risk Management

  • Project modeling, underwriting tools and deal screening expertise


For Biogas Upgrading Projects

At Fair Oaks Farms in Indiana, we built and still operate the largest on-farm dairy gas upgrade project in the country. This project has generated substantial financial returns for our farm partners, who remain focused on running their complex dairy operation.

We bring capital, engineering and operations expertise, and extensive gas marketing experience to dairy farms around the country.

Fair Oaks Farms Project by AMP America - RNG Project Support

For Fueling Stations

Amp Americas is the only fueling partner with the experience that comes from being a fully vertically integrated provider of RNG solutions… including building a network and operating our own 42-truck fleet hauling Fair Oaks Farms milk across the Midwest.

We built 8 public access stations especially for Ruan Transport Corporation in Indiana and the Greater Southwest Agency milk cooperative in Texas to enable our dairy partners and their fleets to reduce shipping costs and clean up their delivery network.


Why Choose RNG Production From Dairy?

Dairy manure converted into renewable natural gas (RNG) for use as a transportation fuel increases farm revenue in two ways:

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